Russell Westbrook MVP in NBA x NEWAMS


Last week, during Paris fashion week we had the opportunity to meet with the NBA Most Valuable Player Russell Westbrook from Oklahoma City Thunder A.K.A. #fashionking.

If you never visit Kong Bar restaurant in Paris, we would highly recommend you to visit this unique location. Perfect place for high-class dinner and drinks on the 6th floor with a great rooftop view.

Okay, enough talking about Kong! Let’s talk about our friend Russell Westbrook. As a real pro, he took his time to talk with us about sports and fashion which of course is our mutual interest. We didn’t know that he would win the MVP but he told us that he has to fly back before the awards so I think he already knew šŸ˜‰ For us as a brand it’s always great to hear that he likes our brand in general, especially the storytelling part of the brand and the amazing quality.

We wish him good luck and we would love to see him shine in NEWAMS this year.

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