NEWAMS – Cultural Provocateur


NEWAMS Brand movie by Enterprise Media

Fashion is not just clothing, fashion is art, fashion is a story, fashion is a statement, fashion is who you are!

Are you that person who is able to command, to instigate, to succeed and even provoke? Then you are ready to become a Cultural Provocateur. Make sure you are a pioneer in the things you do in life…know your history, learn from the past and use this knowledge to be a better you.

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“Golden Ages & Black Pages”

Season: Spring Summer ‘18
Titled: “Golden Ages & Black Pages”.

The collection presents a diversity of artworks that are inspired by the 17th century (The Dutch Golden Age).

The collection represents the bright side of history (Golden Ages) with visuals of the famous painters like Vermeer, van Gogh, and Rembrandt but also the dark side of history (Black Pages) with visuals of the cruelness of political history and chained legs that refer to a very dark page in history.